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Best Deals! Cheap Balenciaga Shoes

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Looking for a great deal on cheap Balenciaga shoes? You've come to the right place! In this blog post, we will be listing the best deals on Balenciaga shoes from around the internet. Whether you are looking for cheap Balenciaga Track sneakers or a high-end pair of Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker, we have you covered. So without further ado, let's take a look at some of the best deals on Balenciaga shoes!


The History of Balenciaga


Balenciaga is a french luxury brand founded in 1919 by Cristóbal Balenciaga.Having had no formal training in fashion but what he learned during his apprenticeship, he opened his first designer boutique in 1919 at San Sebastian, Spain. He then proceeded to open Eisa stores in Madrid and Barcelona named after his mother’s maiden name, Eisaguirre. Sadly he was forced to close the stores due to the Spanish civil war going on at the time. His dream did’t end there though, he moved to Paris and officially opened the House of Balenciaga in 1937. This was the start of his fashion stardom. Balenciaga revolutionized women’s fashion during the 1950s where he used sleek and linear lines in his designs. He was popular for his Ballroom hems in the early 50s and introduced the Sack dress in 1957.


In 2001, the French multinational company Kering acquired Balenciaga. Kering also owns Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, and Gucci. Demna Gvasalia, the current creative director, and designer worked closely with the Balenciaga fashion house to ensure artistry in cut and shape following the original designs of Cristóbal Balenciaga. Balenciaga is one of the fastest-growing brands in 2018.


Nowadays, Balenciaga is very popular because of its shoe collection. When new forms of footwear are introduced in the market, Balenciaga shoes did not fail to impress everyone with their Balenciaga sneakers.


Cheap Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker



The Balenciaga Triple S is the shoe to be thanked or blamed, depending on who you ask-for this dramatic U-turn in footwear fashion. It’s an elegantly absurd piece of design that had fashion editors scribbling in notepads and high-street shops churning out copycats the second it stomped onto the runway in January 2017.

Created in collaboration between Demna Gvasalia and storied high-fashion footwear designer David Tourniaire-Beauciel-a man who has created shoes for the likes of Maison Margiela, Givenchy and who frequently works with Balenciaga-the Triple S was set for greatness from the beginning.


The ‘S’ in Triple S stands for sole. In other words, this shoe has three of them. Molds were taken from a running shoe, a basketball shoe and track shoe, which were then stacked to create the 6.5cm platform that gives the Triple S both its unique look and its name.

An exercise in excess, this maximalist approach to design was in stark contrast to the years of minimalist trainers, low-profile silhouettes and restrained detailing that preceded it. It’s something which shocked many, but for followers of fashion it was a predictable development. The pendulum had finally begun to swing the other way and it was the Triple S that took the decisive step.


Balenciaga Triple S are sold at a high price(above $1000). If you are looking for a pair of cheap Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker, check here with around $200. Uafactory has a wide selection of Triple S sneakers and make them affordable to most people.


Cheap Balenciaga Track Sneaker


Balenciaga feels like the perfect luxury designer to test the waters. Both its Triple S and Speed Trainer became instant bestsellers, helping to usher in the chunky shoe and high sock sneaker trend that rose to power in 2017.


In 2018, however, they bring us the Track Trainer-the first designer sneaker, which isn't just for show—it's also for sport. At its core, it's a hiking shoe. Should you be one of those bad ass, well-heeled women hitting the trails—the Track is for you. Prefer exercising in studios as opposed to the great outdoors? You can also lace up a pair for low-impact workouts like sculpt or HILIT works, too. Or, forget their functionality altogether: Wear them with leisure suits, midi dresses, or a trendy piece of transitional outerwear in true athleisure fashion.


The extended tread on the toe of this sneaker equips it for more than walking the runway. Same goes for the exaggerated bubble heel. It looks like it could make even the most super-cushioned running shoe feel less like a La-Z-Boy on a trek through Griffith Park. Plus, it ticks a lot of the boxes for fall's biggest sneaker trends; its sole is chunky, for example. There's no shortage of novelty design details, either, with exaggerated cord laces that overlap behind protective panels in bold colorways of electric blue, orange, and yellow.


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Balenciaga sneakers can be worn for all occasions, whether casual or formal. They are fashionable and classy. If you can’t afford to buy this luxury brand sneakers in official stores, it’s a good choice to get your favorite Balenciaga in reliable replica stores.