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Style Ideas for Yeezy Boost 350 'Turtledove' Sneakers

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Yeezy Boost 350 has always been a cult product nowadays because of its unique design and limited quantities. And of course because of it’s designed by Kanye West.


Introduction of Yeezy Boost 350 ‘Turtledove’


Yeezy Boost 350 ‘Turtledove’


‘Turtledove‘ is the first released Yeezy Boost 350.The 350 introduced Kanye’s first low-top style.The adidas Yeezy Boost 350 ‘Turtledove’ is the debut colorway of the modern classic, game-changing silhouette by Kanye West. The inaugural colorway features a Primeknit upper in black and cream white tones with a white rubber midsole that wraps around full-length Boost foam cushioning. The heel tab includes a red stripe to complete the clean look.

Released in 2015 in very limited quantities, the 350 Boost ‘Turtledove’ has become one of the rarest and most valuable models of the world famous and highly coveted sneaker line by West and adidas.The Turtle Dove is more than likely to be the most iconic of all the Yeezy 350 styles.


Share some style ideas for Yeezy Boost 350 ‘Turtledove‘


Pick socks

1. Choose no show socks to get the sockless look. It’s the best choice to wear no show socks on warm days. It can help free your ankle. No-show socks look great with all outfits from shorts to suits. They definitely add a bit of informality to the mix.



2. Wear ankle socks is also a good choice. You will easily wear them with Yeezys as they are low enough to remain hidden but remarkable enough to make your feet comfy.For ‘Turtledove‘, I suggest you choose white or black ankle socks to compliment your sneaker’s color.



3. Go with a pair of crew-length socks if you want to cover your ankle.Crew-length socks will be the best choice in cool days. Crew socks will not only warm you but also give you a modern and stylish look. It’s most common to wear black or white ones with ‘Turtledove‘ sneaker, as they look matchy and trendy.



Choose bottoms

1. Jeans are the first choice for a comfortable and stylish look. All kinds of jeans in either black,tan,or denim (like tight jeans, ripped jeans and loose tapered jeans) are a great outfit to compliment the Yeezy sneakers. Suitable in working in the office or hanging out around.


2.  Wear your Yeezys with joggers or leggings for a casual, relaxed style. If you want to style your Yeezy for the gym or to hang out around town, choose a pair of joggers and leggings for a streamlined look.


3.  Yeezy 350 ‘Turtledove‘ can also be paired with suit pants in black on formal occasions.

If you are tired of the mainstream dress shoes, a yeezy 350 is everything you would need! You are possible to rock the suit/Yeezy mix.


4.  Pair yeezy with shorts for a street freestyle comfortable style. It’s an amazing summertime outfit, if you want to wear your Yeezys in the summer.Wear your shorts with a t-shirt or tank top, step on a pair of comfortable Yeezy shoes with some other elements, which will make your day.


5. Wear a skirt or mini-dress with your Yeezys.If you want to rock your Yeezys for a night out ,wear a miniskirt or short dress.Short dress with Yeezy give a sexy and cool look.Girls

agree that this outfit can bring the visual effect of long legs.


Select tops

1. For a casual style, choose a cool t-shirt. It’s Kanye approved style. Go with a shirt with a logo of your favorite brand, sports team or your favorite graphic shirt. Then, wear it with your Yeezy for a casual, stylish option.


2. Pair your Yeezy with an oversized top for a hip-hop style, whether a baggy t-shirt or oversiezed crewneck sweaters. This looks so great as a casual, streetwear style. Size larger than usual may look more stylish.


3. Choose a hooded sweater or jacket on colder days. If you want to wear your Yeezy in the fall, go with a dark sweater or jacket. This 

will keep you warm while looking stylish and fresh.


4. Select a sleeveless vest with Yeezy for a athletic gym look.Try a solid-colored vest with your Yeezy. You will be a sharp view in the gym.


Overall Combinations


Casual styles


T-shirt+Jeans+No show socks+Yeezy 350 ‘Turtledove’

The yeezy 350 turtledove as the classic sneaker, is best worn in a way that will show em off and not cover them.This means both jeans and socks can not be too long. While choosing jeans, we had better go with shorts, tapered pants, cropped pants and rolled up pants are great but stay away from baggy jeans and other baggy pants that will cover em up.

Here are some outfit ideas, hope you enjoy.





A bit formal style


All black suit+Ankle socks+Yeezy 350 ‘Turtledove’

The Yeezy 350 can also be worn in important events too! Oftentimes, we wear suit with leather shoes to attend some formal occasions. If you are tired of this outfit, you can try Yeezy 350 to match your suit. This looks fresh and great.

Kris Jenner definitely rocked the suit and Yeezy 350 ‘Turtledove’ mix. She looks so cool and energetic with the all black suit and Yeezy.



Cool and sexy look



Shirt+Dress/mini-skirt+No show socks+Yeezy 350’Turtledove’

Most Girls like high-heel shoes. They often wear high-heel shoes to match their short dress for a fashionable and sexy look. Yeezy can do that also. Pair your dress with this Yeezy 350 ‘Turtledove’. The short dress/Yeezy mix looks so cool and sexy, which is cutting the edge of street fashion.Besides, they bring you comfort indeed!


Gym style

Solid-colored sleeveless vest+leggings+Yeezy 350 ’Turtledove’

If you like exercising, sports shoes is a must. Yeezy is all you need! Wear your tight vest, leggings with your Yeezy. Be the coolest guy in the gym.



Autumn or Winter look

Hoodie/Jacket/Woolen coat/Down jacket+tight pants+crew-length socks+Yeezy

If you want to wear Yeezy in the fall or winter, select more warm tops with Yeezy. Jada Pinkett Smith rocked the woolen coat/yeezy mix. This looks warm and fashionable.






The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 has become a holy grail sneaker in the streetwear fashion world (like most of Kanye’s clothing releases) thus a lot of ways Yeezy Boost 350 Outfits showcase them in some standard streetwear outfits. Yeezy 350 'turtledove' can fit every style in every season. It depends on how you match the overall combinations. This blog shows some style ideas for Yeezy 350 Boost ‘Turtledove’.

Hope you enjoy!