uafactory / January 17, 2022

What is the Difference between Sneakers and Trainers?

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Ever get confused when people talk about sneakers and trainers? In this blog post, we will answer that question. What is the difference between a sneaker and a trainer? Sneakers are also called "tennis shoes" or "sneaks." Trainers are also known as "running shoes" or just simply "shoes."


What are Sneakers?



Sneakers are a kind of shoes that are not designed for some specific purpose. They are comfortable to wear for regular purposes or casual wear. Sneakers are available in the market in a wide variety of designs and colors.

Sneakers are made from materials like canvas and denim and the soles are made from rubber. Being casual purpose shoes, they do not provide lateral support. Sneakers are made with more cushioning to provide comfort. However, sneakers are not sports specific so they are not provided with many features.


What are Trainers?



As the term itself says, trainers mean essentially training shoes. So you can easily distinguish the type of athletic shoes that would fit this category. This is why whether you think of running, aerobics, weight-lifting, and many more activities, that certain look that would befit trainers would fall into this category.


Sneakers VS Trainers




The most common materials for modern sneakers are fabrics, rubber, foam, and plastic. Nowadays, they use lightweight, breathable and waterproof shoes for people. However, trainers are generally made from thicker synthetic materials.



Essentially it is the look that would differentiate one over the other. A canvas-topped athletic shoe will be classified as a pair of sneakers and anything that would be designed more to the specific sport or activity would be classified as trainers. If you see runners, you would notice that the design of their “rubber shoes” or athletic shoes would be more focused on improving the performance of the individual wearing them. Sneakers are considered to be more fashionable. The price range for either athletic shoe would also vary, as trainers are designed to be more apt to the purpose of such shoes, rather than its look and physical design.



Cushioning in a shoe is its capacity to absorb the force of an impact in order to minimize the inevitable impact with the ground. Both sneakers and trainers need good cushioning to maximize its performance. Runners may be easier to risk serious injuries than people who do some training while landing on the ground. Thus sneakers have much more cushioning than trainers.




As we mentioned above, sneakers are made from lighter fabrics. The sneakers are lightweight to protect runners from getting injured. While trainers are made of heavier synthetic material.




Sneakers are more popularly worn by teenagers, and more commonly used as part of one’s attire seen in malls and other areas as such. Trainers are more commonly seen in areas that focus on a specific activity, like the gym, running track, aerobics class, and so on.


Sneakers are more focused on the physical aspect, its looks, more so that the support that should be given to the feet by the person wearing.


Properly selecting the type of trainers is important. When you know what type of shoes to purchase, whether you plan to wear this for walking or malling, or should you decide to do any certain type of exercise or activity, it is important that you purchase from a shop that would have not just a wide array to choose from, but a person who would be able to help you out in choosing the right pair of shoes for your feet.